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Name:Hoopla Magnet
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1. This is an ADAM LAMBERT news community. If you feel the need to be alerted of every media mention Adam receives, & flail accordingly, this is the place for you. THERE ARE TWO WAYS TO BECOME A MEMBER OF HOOPLAMAGNET. READ ABOUT IT HERE.

2. hooplamagnet is an on-going 24/7 Adam news archive.
-We have regular news update posts (roughly three times a week). Members comment in these posts with additional news updates.
-We also have special media posts for concerts and pre-planned discussion post.
-Unlike other Adam/AI fan communities, hooplamagnet has a very specific focus: documenting and discussing Adam news.

3. Currently, only mods and news posters may create new posts. Other members may be given permission to make special posts: for example, a media consolidation post or a specific kind of appreciation/discussion post. Please lj-message a mod ahead of time if you would like permission.

4. Be respectful of fellow members. Endeavor to maintain a positive approach in discussion and commentary. Participation here is only worthwhile for mods and members if it is enjoyable. Adam appreciates positive energy. We like to give it to him. Your mods expect civility at all times. Harassment of other members (on LJ or via twitter or email) will not be tolerated. Serious offenses will warrant banning.

5. Since we are a focused community, members are expected to stay reasonably on-topic. Several specific subjects are deemed off-topic and any comments made about these subjects will be deleted. Off-topic: other fan forums; other idols; shipping commentary. Rules 6-9 elaborate on those off-topic subjects.

6. This is not a place to bash, criticize, or in anyway insult any of the Idols. By the same respect, this is not a place to discuss any other Idols, either. THE FOCUS HERE IS STRICTLY TO DISCUSS THE MEDIA COVERAGE ADAM RECEIVES. Comparisons are sometimes necessary in order to have informed discussions, but Adam must remain the subject of the discussion, not fan drama or another idol's perceived inferiority/superiority.

7. In addition, there should be no discussion of other fan groups or specific members of other communities (this includes discussion of fan activity on twitter). Whether members of another forum are worried/annoyed/troublemakers is irrelevant to discussion here. Adam is on topic. His fans are not.

8. Regarding fan shipping of Adam and other individuals: While we understand that scanning quotes and interviews for below-the-surface implications and/or double entendre is fun, this is not an activity that should be engaged in while commenting in this community. There are multiple communities that do allow this sort of discussion however, so feel free to take information from this community to those forums to engage in whatever discussion you prefer.

9. While we do not anticipate behavioral problems, please be aware that the following offenses can warrant banning: trolling, repeatedly going off-topic in a way that is disruptive to the community, harassment of other members. Ultimately, banning and other disciplinary action is at the discretion of the mods, but we are committed to being as consistent as possible with our members.

10. Please follow our official twitter to be notified of new posts and other community activities: @hooplamagnet

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